QPR In The Community Trust - Inspiring Change


What We Do

Our Vision

Creating opportunities, inspiring change and helping people fulfil their potential

Our mission

Partnering to help people enhance the life experience for themselves and their neighbourhoods across West London

Our values

            Our behaviours

A community & family club

      Taking time to understand and listen to people in West London and respond to their potential

      Bringing people  and generations together throughout their lifetime

Developing communities

      Helping people to recognise and develop their ability and potential and organise themselves to respond to problems and needs which they share.

Inspire & guide

      Promoting aspiration and opportunity  through what we do

      Promoting excellence, innovation and continual improvement in how we do it

      Developing our skills, knowledge and capability


      Being open and honest about what we can achieve, and working with others to achieve more while growing at a sustainable pace

      Having the courage to focus first on what will enhance the life experience for people and neighbourhoods in West London


      Collaborating with residents, businesses,  public bodies and educational institutions, local and national government and the football community

      Involving the Club, players and supporters in meaningful ways, seeking to influence and align to Club decision making processes

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  • Registered charity no. 1127806

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