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Robin Clarke first game to QPR as a candidate to achieve his level 1 qualification in football coaching. Robin has a mental health Illness and shortly before the course found himself in a little bit of difficulty.

Robin explains “had some difficulties at home during my childhood, my parents divorced when I was very young and my mum was left to bring up me and my younger brother on her own, Neither of my parents were able to work due to health problems, things were quite unstable and I didn't have much in the way of positive role models close to home. It was very stressful living with my mum and my schooling suffered, I didn't get any support there from the teachers and my grades dropped.”

“I was suffering with severe anxiety, experiencing symptoms such as panic attacks, chest pains, respiratory problems, digestive problems, nausea & vomiting”

Robin was accepted on to the course, and soon became a well liked member of the group, working diligently on his workbook and helping others in the process. He passed his level 1 and began volunteering his time in the community alongside QPR in the Community Trust coaches. Robin explains how the level supported him “Football is something I've loved ever since I was a small child and becoming a coach was a very exiting prospect for me, there were theory and practical elements and I learnt a lot”

Robin now works in the office at the trust supporting the Inclusion & Diversity team with their admin work, he manages the facebook and twitter pages and supports the team with the office work. Robin has become an important team member and is very much valued within the team.

“Working at for QPR in the Community Trust has been a very positive and rewarding experience for me. Football is something I feel passionate about and I have the opportunity to do a variety of different things here from coaching children with down syndrome and coaching teenagers at schools/colleges. To working in the office and updating the community coaching databases. I have been made to feel very comfortable here and part of the team, I feel happier more confident than I did before and I miss working for QPR when I'm not here.”

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