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Multi Sports

Justin Stone is the Club’s Sports Participation Manager. His role is to co-ordinate a range of sports from Basketball to Archery and take them into schools. Qualified coaches will be able to deliver a number of different sports in the London boroughs the Trust works in.

For the past year a number of our community sports coaches have been working extremely hard behind the scenes in order to gain qualifications in sports such as tag rugby, dodge ball, basketball, handball, archery, climbing and many others.

Not only is it our aim to deliver a number of sports across many London schools, but we also target youth clubs, local community groups and other professional sports Clubs to create strong partnerships for future work.

With London 2012 fast approaching, we have a unique opportunity for the QPR Community Trust team to get involved in some way with our Olympics, as well as other big sporting events across the UK.

To date, we have been working closely with the a number of NGB’s as well as local sports Clubs and local authorities to deliver across the north west of London

This year we aim to be working closely with other sports governing bodies and professional Clubs in order to drive our Multi Sports Scheme.

If you are interested in Multi Sports Sessions or would like more information please send an e-mail to justins@qpr.co.uk

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