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Fit For Football

The Fit For Football programme was established to address healthy lifestyle issues for children in disadvantaged communities through the provision of fun, interactive games each providing different lifestyle messages. The project appeals to both boys and girls and is delivered by credible role models.

The project aims are to:

  • Encourage and increase the numbers of young people who take regular physical activity and participate in sport within the community.
  • Reduce the uptake of smoking through the delivery of a credible smoke-free message by sports leader, coaches, staff and volunteer helpers.
  • Enhance knowledge, skills and attitudes with regard to food and health and thus encourage the adoption of healthier eating.

Why is the project needed?

  • A lifestyle survey of 10/11 year olds living in deprived wards confirmed that smoking among both children and their parents was well above national averages, that many children (particularly girls) took low levels of exercise and that children’s diets (particularly boys) were high in fats and sugars, with significant numbers eating no fruit and/or vegetables.
  • Obesity is one of the leading cause of preventable ill health, disability and premature death in the UK. It presents a huge public health challenge and there are no clear examples globally where any country has so far managed to reverse the upward trend. Fit for Football tackles the issue of obesity through encouraging children to eat more healthily and to take more exercise.
  • By the age of 15 years 1 in 5 (22%) children are regular smokers in England despite the fact that it is illegal to sell any tobacco product to under 18s. 95% if smokers start during childhood. At 9-12 years only 1% are regular smokers (i.e. smoke at least one cigarette a week). This is an opportune age therefore to provide smoke free messages to encourage children never to take up smoking.”

(Taken from www.fitforfootball.com Please visit this site for further information on evaluation that has already taken place.)

QPR in the Community Trust is able to provide a 5 hour programme that can be delivered in school time or as an out of school club activity (either as hour-long weekly sessions or an all day event). The programme includes a variety of different activities which each reinforce healthy lifestyle messages relating to healthier eating, being active and not smoking. In addition, through the use of a workbook, there is scope for a wide range of additional lesson plans to be used to allow each of the subject areas to be expanded and explored in more detail.

For further information or to book in sessions at either a school or community setting then please contact Martino Chevannes on martinoc@qpr.co.uk

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