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Inclusive Projects

We aim to increase opportunities for people with disabilities to get involved in football and sport in general. We currently work in partnership with a number of organisations such as the Downs Syndrome Association who have enabled us to setup the Tiger cubs which provide children and young people with DS the same opportunities of being part of a team as their able bodied peers.

We currently have three tiger cub clubs teams in Brent, Westminster and Hammersmith & Fulham. We also work alongside MIND using football to tackle Mental Health illness. We also support a deaf team called Deaffinity which provides competition and also a social outlet for players.

We currently work with (HAFAD) Hammersmith and Fulham Action on Disability who provide services for people with disabilities. We provide quality coaching sessions for HAFAD. We also deliver Pan disability session at Stonebridge Pavilion and Paddington Recreation Grounds. We provide coaches for six special needs schools which include Cambridge, Woodlane, College Park, Shaftesbury, Jack Tizard and Woodfield.

“We are committed to Inclusion and are signed up to the Inclusive & Active plan”

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