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QPR Health Stars Programme Review

This September saw the launch of the Community Trust’s primary school healthy lifestyles project QPR Health Star’s funded by the Premier League Charitable Fund and the PFA. The bespoke, complimentary and fully inclusive programme is available to Wormholt and White City primary schools to partake on for a six week period as either a series of curricular or extra-curricular sessions.

The first half-term of the project saw us deliver to over 100 children in year 4 and 5 at Wormholt Park Primary School. Pupils were educated on the importance of regularly participating in physical activity, eating a balanced nutritious diet, maintaining positive oral health and the negative implications smoking has on our health and the environment around us. All of the lesson content has been formulated in collaboration with local health agencies including the NHS and Kick It the Stop Smoking Service to ensure consistent information is provided by services throughout the borough.

The children are made more aware of these important health issues through interactive group-based classroom activities delivered in combination with physical activity sessions which re-iterate the borough’s key health inequalities. It is hoped that by engaging the children at such a young age they will become empowered to make positive lifestyle choices throughout their lifespan.

As part of the project delivery, primary schools are entitled to two extra-curricular clubs. One of which provides the opportunity for the children engaged on the programme to obtain new, non-judgemental physical activity experiences which they may not get the chance to discover through the national curriculum. Alternatively, schools can receive a Let’s Get Cooking affiliated club which aims to promote the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet to local children by equipping them with the key cooking skills they require to make nutritious meals for their families.

Moreover, within the school holidays cooking workshops are delivered in partnership with the Phoenix Canberra School Federation as part of the ever popular SAFE programme. The final workshop encourages the children to invite their families in to the kitchen to sample the recipes that they have cooked up with the support of the QPR Health team and Community Nutritionist Moa Elevermark-Nilsson.

The two classes which consistently performed to a high standard throughout the duration of the programme were rewarded with a stadium visit. The children were treated to an educational tour of the stadium and the opportunity to feel part of the club management team by delivering a healthy lifestyles press conference.

The benefits of the programme to key stage 2 pupils were commented upon by Kellie Lumsden, Year 5 teacher at Wormholt Park Primary School, at the graduation event whom said that:

“Over the course of the six weeks, the children have developed an understanding of the eat well plate (incl. food groups) and the concept of a balanced diet. Additionally, they have also benefitted from learning about the different types of physical activity and how they can participate. Importantly, a lot of the children showed an interest in the multi-sports activities of the programme and many of these children are not normally interested in participating in sport.”

The increased awareness of the children to critical health issues was highlighted by the children informing us of the behavioural changes they had made as a result of the project. One year 5 pupils stated that they moved their body more at play time to increase the level of physical activity they carry out each day, another commented that they now make better snack choices as a result of the programme. Perhaps even more significantly the children have become empowered to help their friends and families improve their helps with one student indicating that they inform their loved ones of why smoking is bad for them so that they might stop.

If you are interested in working in partnership with the QPR Health team or would like further information about the QPR Health Stars project please contact Adam McLachlan (adamm@qpr.co.uk ) or Alex Gordon (alexg@qpr.co.uk) for further details.

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